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Skugo provides a networked Gui for applications such as game editors, simulations, scripting tools, debuggers and more. Using Skugo, an application can be ran locally or on a remote device and can be edited directly from your PC. Moreover, Skugo makes it easy for the developer to support multiple clients editing the application simultaneously: A true networked editor framework.

Unlike many of the competing Gui frameworks (AntTweakBar, GWEN, Crazy Eddies UI, QT) Skugo leverages the power of WPF and WinForms to allow users to create their own complex controls and custom Gui plugins. Whilst this does make the editor Windows specific, the Skugo API has a separate portion that is agnostic of platform and uses a networking layer to communicate all messages between the host application and the client Gui, which allows your application to run on any platform.

Skugo includes an incredibly friendly plugin framework which allows users to create new Gui elements and share them. For example: a text console plugin for games, a media plugin to visualize wafeforms, a tree view for browsing a scene, a property grid that inspects objects, a color gradient editor, a lua debugger and script editor, etc.

The Skugo Host API currently targets only C++ and C# (primarily to support XNA and C++ games). The Skugo Client API is written purely in C# to best work with WPF.

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